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    Small private guest house in Balangan village Jimbaran offering luxury amenities with moderate price!

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    Balangan beach is the place to have a relaxing vacation under the sun. This an affordable option if you stay at Maha Residence Guest House.

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    Balangan Beach

    Balangan beach can be your beach vacation base, from here you can explore other fine beaches around Jimbaran which famous for its surfing mecca.

    Balangan Beach
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Although Closed, Balangan Beach Is Still Visited by Travelers

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Although Closed, Balangan Beach Is Still Visited by Travelers... Balangan Beach Closed Because Covid


dreamland Beach


Kedonganan Beach

Kedongan beach located at the same shore line as the Jimbaran beach. From Jimbaran beach a bit north around several minutes walking yoiu will arrive at Kedonganan beach. The beach is under the Tuban district and famous for its fishing village.


The Kedongan beach has a white sandy beach and around its shoreline there are many fishing boats which deliver fresh fish every day for the south part of Bali. If you love photography then coming to this beach early in the morning is a must as you can capture various kind of activities at the beach and at the fish market.

If you want to sample fresh seafood dishes then you can buy your own fresh lobster and grilled at the market for just several thousand rupiah. If you want more elegant places to eat then Kedonganan has many seafood restaurants located on the beachfront side. Have you dinner on these places and you will get a wonderful evening enjoying wnderful sunset while having seafoods.

If you want to make your day even more enjoyable in Kedonganan try to rent one of the traditional boats and go around the many famous beaches such as Balangan beach, Dreamland beach or even go to Kuta beach.

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